As a commercial property manager, keeping your doors, panels and elevator cabs in top shape are just a few of the multitude of responsibilities on your list. We work hard to ensure that your woodwork is the least of your worries. In addition to maintaining your valuable woodwork, we try and share our knowledge and experience with you and your staff to keep you maintenance costs to a minimum.

Wood door repair

Wood doors are beautiful but fragile.

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We've got you covered wether it's routine touchup or total panel refinishing.

We’ve got you covered wether it’s routine touchup or total panel refinishing.

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A partial list of our services includes:

Wood Door Repairs
Cabinetry Touch-Up
Furniture Repairs
Laminate Repairs
Stain Color Matching
Strip & Refinishing

Wood Part Fabrication
Millwork Installation
Water Damage Repair
Fire Damage Repair
Production Touch-Up of Base Boards, Casings & Trim